// About Art Projects //

Hybrid Art Projects are a comprehensive art consultancy and a visual arts product and service company. We offer our clients consultancy services in art acquisition as well as conservation framing, lighting, installation, art display and art hanging systems.

Hybrid Art Projects function with the ideology of representing both emerging and more established artists from diverse artistic and cultural backgrounds within Australia as well as artists working abroad. We cater to clients throughout Australia in the corporate, public and private sectors.

It was the concept of the merging of artists from such contrasting cultural backgrounds and artistic talents that spawned our company's namesake. The name Hybrid also refers to the multi faceted aspects of our company. A unique combination of consultancy, products and services makes Hybrid Art Projects a market leader in the visual arts. Our consultants work in all major Eastern Australian cities Melbourne / Sydney / Brisbane / Adelaide / Hobart.

For international and interstate customers we provide worldwide freight services.